Exhibition 2012


‘Out of Sight’ – Kick Gallery, Tuesday Jan 31 2012

John Hoerner – Blind Photographer

“My latest exhibition Out of Sight – Faces in the Arts Crowd through the lens of a blind photographer, is so titled because, having lost most of my sight as a result of several strokes, I am pretty much ‘Out of Sight’.

Fortunately the miracle of digital camera technology has allowed me to use the tiny amount of sight I have to take photographs – the lens of my camera sees what I cannot see.

This show, at Kick Gallery, Collingwood, is a collection of 32 ‘Faces in the Arts Crowd’ – people captured at various gallery openings and arts related events, some recent and some from earlier occasions.

My vision of the world is somewhat like looking through a pinhole, as a consequence, I tend to present these faces with the same tightly cropped intimacy as that of an ancient pin hole camera.

A stroke is like a car crash – you just don’t see it coming! A prime focus of this exhibition is to help raise awareness of the importance of understanding stroke symptoms.

A stroke is a form of brain damage – however the brain’s amazing ‘plasticity’ has enabled me and many others to rebuild our lives with help from friends, colleagues and technology like today’s cameras.”

John has been working on his current exhibition Out Of Sight – Faces in the Arts Crowd for the past eighteen months and aims to use this exhibition to reinforce the Stroke Foundation’s F.A.S.T campaign aimed at creating preventative awareness of stroke symptoms. In addition, it is hoped that the exhibition will encourage others to explore visualisation technology as an aid to recovery.

“You have a way of catching the sense of so many of my friends” – Photographer Joyce Evans


John Hoerner - Out of Sight - January 23rd 2012



Ali – Brown Hat


Ali – Red Hat

Ali – Downward Glance


Suzy Cato-Gashler


Stuart Purves AM


Yvonne Audette


Vanessa Kennedy


Barry Jones AO


David Dureen


Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC DBE


Charles Radjkovic


Di Bresciani


David Milne


Jock Langslow


Henry von Bibra AO


Helen Bogdan


Graeme Williams


John Landy AC CVO MBE


Marius Murdoch


Joyce Evans


Nigel Buesst


Mark Strizic


Robert Jacks


Richard Alston


Oliver Streeton


Professor Sasha Grishin AM


Gareth Sanson


John Wolseley


Kenoll Wilson


Michelle Mills


Tim Cecil


John Hoerner – Self Portrait